Sports teams, coaches and groups. The Hotel Everest welcomes groups

Not all hotels like to host groups and large parties. Groups are special guests, with particular needs that must be satisfied. Not every hotel desires or is simply coordinated to meet these requests.

At Hotel Everest Arco we are prepared to accommodate large groups: from large parties arriving by coach to sports teams, as well as small groups of friends who are travelling by motorcycle or bike to Lake Garda.

To make sure these our guests have a remarkable experience, we offer a great variety of services and facilities to groups who choose to stay with us.

The first, and perhaps most important, are the hotel’s two large car parks that can easily accommodate even the bulkiest travel coach. We also provide a self-service laundry, which includes both washing machines and dryers. Furthermore, we offer logistical services for the groups, including our bicycle workshop and a secure garage where guests can safely store their bicycles.

We also offer groups great flexibility regarding scheduling. We are available to organise evening departures and to offer breakfast during the most convenient times.

Do you want to choose Hotel Everest Arco for your group’s stay?

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