Discover the hidden secrets

in the areas surrounding Hotel Everest Arco

Many popular points of interest dot the shores of Lake Garda. There are theme parks such as Gardaland, Movieland and Canevaworld; or historic villages such as Salò, Garda and Malcesine. There are are also examples of natural beauty, such as Monte Baldo and artistic wonders, such as the eclectic “Vittoriale degli italiani” estate.

Thanks to its position, Hotel Everest Arco is the ideal starting point for those who want to explore Lake Garda. However, even the immediate surroundings of the hotel feature an abundance of small, little-known natural, sporting and cultural treasures.

Discover them by browsing our interactive map.

1 Varone Waterfalls

Admire the action of time at the “Parco Grotta delle Cascate del Varone”

The entrance to Varone park is found in the hamlet of Foci, just before the village of Tenno. The park is just a short drive away from the hotel and access to the extraordinary natural wonder is via the building designed in 1900 by the architect Maroni. It is a veritable geological rarity that has remained intact over the millennia.

History and geology of the Varone waterfalls

To understand the formation of these waterfalls, you need to take a leap back in time. The huge glacier that created Lake Garda was in retreat and the torrential waters had the freedom to drain, freeing their energy.

As the waters flowed, they slowly and steadily eroded the surrounding rocks. Thus the first furrow was formed which, nearly 20,000 years later, has become the gorge where the Varone River keeps flowing and erodes at the rate of nearly two millimetres per year.

These caves are, therefore, a prime example of the headward erosion of the waterfalls. The water is eroding the wall of the waterfall, causing the rock to gradually retreat.

A visit to the Varone waterfalls

The Varone waterfalls have been a tourist attraction since their first inauguration, which took place on 20 June 1874 in the presence of Prince Nicola di Montenegro. At the time there were no facilities located at the Gorge, these were carried out later by the owners of the nature park.

Today, it is possible to visit the lower cave, where the end part of the waterfall falls into the gorge with its unmistakable roar. The upper cave is also open to the public. Here a 15-metre-long tunnel penetrates the rock to the bottleneck where the waterfall flows, open on a breathtaking chasm.

The botanical garden

Exiting from the upper cave, there are 115 steps that lead to the recently created botanical garden. Thanks to the favourable microclimate of the area, many typical Mediterranean plants are grown here, while high mountainous trees grow side by side with exotic plants such as palm trees, yucca plants and Japanese loquats.

2 Lake Bagattoli

The oasis of Lake Bagattoli

A few kilometres outside the town of Dro, a short distance from the Sarca River, lies the tranquil oasis of Lake Bagattoli. The emerald waters of this small lake mirror the surrounding woods and during summer many enthusiastic fishermen meet along its shores. In fact, fishing at Lake Bagattoli (recreational fishing lake) is an irresistible attraction for all fishing rod enthusiasts.

However, fishermen are not the only people to enjoy the shores of Lake Bagattoli. Along the circumference of the lake, there is, in fact, an easy path where many people love to take a relaxing walk. From time to time the path encounters benches, tables and a fun playground full of children along the way.

Along the shores of the lake, there are also practical stone barbecues where cheerful groups like to organise picnics among friends and family.

If you are looking for a quiet and uncrowded place to relax in the great outdoors, leave behind the charming but popular Lake Garda and seek out the oasis of Lake Bagattoli.

3 Arco Castle

Arco castle

Perched on a high rocky bluff, the reassuring size of Arco castle has dominated the town since the twelfth century. Indeed, the first records indicating the existence of this building, constructed for defensive purposes, date back to the twelfth century.

The position was chosen well, given that over the centuries there were many attempts to conquer the bluff of the castle, which no invader ever managed to snatch from his valiant defenders.

The castle was restored in 1986 by the Cultural Heritage Service of the Province of Trento, which returned the structure to its ancient splendour. The restoration works also brought to light a series of very interesting frescos.

The rediscovered paintings depict scenes of courtly life, the killing of the dragon by St. George, the investiture of a knight and a lady intent on weaving a wreath of roses.

Arco castle can be visited at any time of the year.

4 Garda Thermae

Garda Thermae is ideal if you are looking for rest and relaxation during your holiday on Lake Garda. This beauty and wellness centre located in Arco bases its services on the beneficial and regenerating properties of water.

In the same structure, Garda Thermae also offers a vast range of different wellness services.

The first is represented by the numerous and different pools, including the salt water summer pool. Then there are saunas: Finnish, soft and a Mediterranean steam bath. Those who want to combine exercise with relaxation can take advantage of the gym which offers individual classes, otherwise, you can seek wellbeing in the beauty centre, which offers massages and treatments. Finally, for those wishing to take care of their health, there is the exclusive medical spa, where guests of the Garda Thermae wellness centre can consult with a team of doctors, who are able to offer specific programmes according to various issues.

Anyone wishing to enjoy a moment of relaxation taking advantage of the services offered by the Garda Thermae wellness centre can consult the opening times of the structure here.

5 Arco Public Swimming Pool

Arco public swimming pool

Located in the town of Prabi, the Arco public swimming pool is a modern sports facility consisting of two pools. The first is a 10-lane Olympic pool measuring 50 x 25 metres. The second pool is a 12 x 6-metre children’s pool with water slides.

Inside the structure, you will find a restaurant, pizzeria, café, snack bar, games room and a beautiful tree-lined garden.

The Arco public swimming pool is open from the end of May to the beginning of September, every day from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.

6 Rock Master climbing stadium

Rock Master climbing stadium

The Rock Master Climbing Stadium is a large rock climbing stadium, which is easily reached on foot from Arco town centre, only two hundred metres away.

It is a wall that is unique the world over, which stands in the shadow of Monte Colodri, the vertiginous bluff upon which towers Arco castle. Four steel arches, suspended from pairs of 25 metre-high pylons, support the panels and the polycarbonate layer which give the structure its unmistakable appearance.

The location of the Rock Master Climbing Stadium stands in ideal continuity with the same wall that, more than twenty years ago, saw the first Arco climbing competition take place. Such is the depth of the town’s relationship with rock climbing, a discipline that has been practised here for a long time.

The Rock Master festival also confirms this affinity. It is a party dedicated to the most famous rock climbing event in the world, which unites the best athletes in the discipline together in Arco every summer.

The Rock Master Climbing Stadium, built in 2000 under the supervision of Engineer, Mr Michno, provides the stage to this event that attracts a crowd of fans in Arco ready to enjoy the show every year. During the rest of the year, the stadium is open to the bravest climbers, who can test their skills on its challenging walls.

7 Ponale Road

From Riva del Garda to Lake Ledro along the historic Ponale Road

The Ponale Road is an ancient communication route that climbs up the valley of the Ponale stream, connecting Riva del Garda to Lake Ledro. Construction of the road began on the first of February during the fateful year 1848 and was completed three years later, in January 1851.

Giacomo Cis, a rich Bezzecca merchant, conceived the Ponale Road and dedicated a large part of his life advocating for this connection to provide access tp the Ledro Valley after centuries of isolation and favour his business interests.

33 kilometres long, the road was in operation until 1995 when it was made obsolete by a new tunnel and, therefore, permanently closed to traffic. However, the Ponale Road has now been reincarnated. In 2004 it was transformed into a walking and cycling path.

On foot or by bike along the Ponale Road

The route of the Ponale Road starts in the centre of Riva del Garda, from where you exit following the coast and passing alongside the historic power station. After less than a kilometre you will cross over the western Gardesana road and proceed towards Ledro, following the trail mark D01.

When the asphalt is replaced by a well-maintained dirt road, the ascending main road clings to the rocks and cuts through, where necessary, via small tunnels. The view of Lake Garda which opens up in this part of the trail is simply breathtaking.

After a couple of kilometres gently sloping uphill, the road turns to the right and rises above the cove at the outlet of the Ledro Valley. At this point, the bike path and the footpath separate.

After the bridge, a staircase marked by the trail sign leads to the forest road that marks the entrance into the Ledro Valley. After the village of Biacesa, the two paths meet at Prè di Ledro, from where the ascent leads first to Molina and then to the splendid Lake Ledro.

The itinerary of the Ponale Road ends here, but before returning, we recommend a visit to the museum of pile dwellings, which displays precious archaeological finds from a prehistoric settlement located in Molina di Ledro.

8 Arco Motorcycle Club

Arco Motoclub, the motocross mecca in Italy

Founded in 1934, Arco Alto Garda Off Road Motorcycle Club is one of the longest established and well-known clubs on the national motocross scene. Today it has 300 members and 100 agonist riders.

The Arco Motoclub manages the international “Il Ciclamino” cross track in the town of Pietramurata. It is a 1950 metre-long circuit which earned the 1st super classification and is, today, one of the highest locations of the Motocross World Championship, in addition to hosting high-level national and international competitions every year.

Thanks to the development and particularities of the terrain, the track has unique characteristics and for this reason, it is one of the most popular tracks, loved by expert and beginner riders alike.

9 Ivo Bertamini Mill

Lake Garda olive oil from the Bertamini mill

The existence of the Bertamini mill provides confirmation that the micro-climate of Lake Garda is truly unique the world over. This is the northernmost area in Europe where it is possible to grow grapes and produce olive oil. The Bertamini mill has been operating since 1960, maintaining the family management that has always characterised this small company in Arco.

The house speciality is obviously its Lake Garda extra virgin olive oil (elite olive oil), obtained mainly from the olive grower, Casaliva. However, in recent years the Bertamini mill has also specialised in the production of cosmetics: bath oils, shampoos, conditioners, soaps and moisturising cream all made with Lake Garda olive oil.

The Bertamini mill is open all year round, from Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Upon reservation, the Bertamini family is also available to organise tastings and guided tours.

10 Cavalli alto Garda

Horse riding with Cavalli Alto Garda’s philosophy

The Cavalli Alto Garda Horse Riding Centre in Arco is the ideal place for those who want to ride, absorbing the principles of a very special philosophy.

As they explain on their site, Nicolò Ballatore and Daniela Lorenzi, the owners of the Cavalli Alto Garda Horse Riding Centre, uphold a concept of equitation that is very different from the traditional method which is based on commands.

In the relationship between human and horse, the latter must not submit to the will of the first. Instead, it is important to develop an understanding based on a common language. We must, therefore, adapt to the horse’s communication system, to understand it and create a relationship with the animal.

Therefore, at the Cavalli Alto Garda Horse Riding Centre, riders practice with knowledge, having first become familiar with the mental mechanisms through which the horse relates to the others.

If you are also fascinated by this new way of conceiving the relationship between horse and rider, the Cavalli Alto Garda horse riding centre awaits you at Via Fibbie 11, Arco.

11 Arco Arboretum

All the magic of the trees can be discovered at the Arboretum in Arco

The Arco Arboretum, formerly named the Archduke’s Park, is located in Via della Fossa Grande, in a strip of land that used to belong to the park of a villa that the Archduke Albert of Habsburg owned. Many North American conifers, typical plants of Southeast Asia and wonderful examples of Mediterranean scrub grow in this veritable botanical garden in the town centre thanks to the mild climate of the plain of Arco.

There are just under 200 different species of trees and shrubs that grow in the Arco Arboretum, arranged over an area of ​​approximately one hectare.

You can visit the Arboretum in less than an hour and the attraction is highly suited to children who can play among the many plants.

12 Malcesine Monte Baldo Cable car

Malcesine to Monte Baldo by cable car

The blue of the sky blends with the waters of Lake Garda, while you rise upwards protected by the cabin of one of the most beautiful cable cars in Trentino. The experience on board the Malcesine-Monte Baldo cable is summarised as follows:

Open every day from March to December, in just a few minutes the cable car takes you from the shores of the lake up to the top of Monte Baldo, stopping halfway at San Michele.

From here, the second leg of the climb departs, which is carried out on board a spectacular cabin able to rotate 360°, offering a perfect view of the surrounding landscape to every occupant.

Easy walks and a breathtaking view await you at the top of Monte Baldo, which you can enjoy while having a snack in the chalets and restaurants that are located near the mountain cable car station.

Moreover, if you are a cycling enthusiast, you can use the cable car to transport your bike to the summit of Monte Baldo and from here you can choose from the many routes dedicated to cyclists, particularly suitable for downhill aficionados.

13 Altogarda Golf Club

Work on your swing at the Altogarda Golf Club

The Altogarda Golf Club, founded thanks to the many year’s experience of the historic 46th Parallelo Golf Club, is a practice course conceived to offer all golfers highly professional services, designed by and for golfing enthusiasts.

Located on the road connecting Arco to Riva del Garda, Altogarda Golf Club is the first golf club in the area. Surrounded by greenery, the club was designed according to the standards set by the Italian Golf Club Federation to which the structure is aggregated.

Here you will find a driving range, a pitching green and a large putting green, where expert golf instructors are available for lessons, offering either one-on-one or group tuition.

14 Mountime

Mountime Outdoor Adventures

Trekking, rock climbing, canyoning. The mountains offer many adventures and exciting experiences. However, in order to enjoy these landscapes in absolute safety, you must rely on the experience of qualified mountain guides.

This is precisely the mission of the Mountime Outdoor Adventures mountaineering school. The school’s staff, made up of experienced mountain guides who hold IFMGA/UIAGM international qualifications, carry out this profession full time in both summer and winter.

The experience gained over hundreds of days spent each year in the mountains is, therefore, the best guarantee for safety and the magnificence of each excursion. Mountime organises excursions to a vast number of locations: from canyon gorges to the rocks of the Dolomites and the glaciers of the most impervious summits of the Alps.

Therefore, relying on the mountain guides of Mountime mountaineering school means placing yourself in the hands of experienced professionals, whose aim to share the beauty of the territory, facilitate its exploration and transmit their passion and knowledge to visitors.

15 Riva del Garda Trade Fairs

Trade shows in Riva del Garda

Approximately two kilometres from the historic centre of Riva del Garda stands the town’s futuristic trade fair district. Divided into twelve pavilions, the surface area of ​​this exhibition structure is 44,000 square metres, serviced by a number of parking areas for a total of 2900 parking spaces.

Riva del Garda Fierecongressi SpA, the company that manages the trade fair district, directly organises a series of national and international events including Expo Riva Schuh, Expo Riva Hotel, Expo Riva Caccia Pesca Ambiente and Trentino Sports Days.

In addition to these events, the structure can be leased by third parties to organise other events. This is the case of Agricama and the National and International Dog Show.

If you are curious to find out what the next trade fairs will be, consult the calendar available on the Riva del Garda Fierecongressi SpA website.

16 Riva del Garda Congress Centre

Riva del Garda Congress Centre

The Riva del Garda Congress Centre is located in the centre of the town, surrounded by a centuries-old park. The strategic positioning and extraordinary location within the lake landscape are linked with a synergy that renders this structure unique.

Easily reachable and evocative, the Riva del Garda Congress Centre features cutting-edge technological equipment and thanks to the modularity of its surface area, measuring 6100 square metres, the centre is able to host any kind of event.

The Riva del Garda Congress Centre is organised around convention activities. Here you will find meeting rooms and the reception hall. This area is connected directly via a panoramic tunnel to the multi-purpose areas Palameeting (2700 square metres) and Palavela (2000 square metres). Both of these areas are suitable for use as exhibition areas, catering and poster sessions during conventions, meetings, shows or concerts.

From Arco, the Riva del Garda Congress Centre is an easy and quick drive via the road linking the town to Riva del Garda.