Arco – Molveno – Andalo – Trento

A short and scenic route that leads you into the heart of the Ledro Valley, surrounded by natural beauty. Depart from the hotel in the direction of Dro, where you immediately plunge into the splendid panorama of the Ledro Valley.

On the right stands the imposing size of Monte Bondone, which you skirt around until you reach Lake Ledro. From here, continue in the direction of Molveno and admire the unique views of the Adamello Brenta Nature Park on the left.

Once you reach Molveno, follow the shores of the green lake waters and then quickly climb towards Andalo. From here you descend anew towards the foothills of the Non Valley. Once you reach the bottom, proceed in the direction of Trento and return to the hotel following the Adige Valley or, for a faster route, take the A22 motorway to Rovereto, continue until you reach Nago and then return to the hotel.