“Strada della forra” to Tremosine

Tremosine is a municipality made up of many small hamlets, overlooking Lake Garda on the Brescia side of the lake. From the western Gardesana state road, there are two roads that ascend towards the municipality, one from Campione and the second from Limone.

You climb the latter to reach the evocative “strada della forra” (gorge road). The road constitutes a small strip of asphalt carved between the narrow walls of the valley eroded by the Brasa stream. This itinerary is considered to be “the most beautiful road in the world”, so much so that Winston Churchill spoke of it as the eighth wonder of the world.

The itinerary must be tackled with appropriate caution and may hold little attraction for those seeking the thrill of speed. However, the beauty and charm of the landscape can certainly repay the most patient riders.

In fact, the road is embedded in the rock and is wedged in the mountain, illuminated by evocative dancing reflections of light. All of the gorge walls feature characteristic folds in the rock. The cool and humid air is full of the fragrances of the mountain.

Overall, departing from Riva del Garda, the itinerary is short, 40 or 50 kilometres at the most.