Il giro dei tre laghi

The three lakes itinerary is a beautiful and varied route running 250 km, leading to the discovery of the unique landscapes of Lake Garda, as well as the Lakes Idro and Ledro.

Once again, depart from the hotel in the direction of Riva del Garda and, once you reach the lakeshore town, take the western Gardesana road until you reach Salò. Once you arrive here, climb up to the Passo della Spina then head to Lake Idro, passing through the towns of Bolton, Vestone, Marmentino, Tavernole sul Mella, Bovegno, Bagolino and Collio.

The mountainous landscape takes us beyond Lake Idro, in the direction of Molina di Ledro and the homonymous lake, which is reached via Storo, Tiarno di Sopra, Bezzecca and Mezzolago. Lastly, from Lake Ledro, descend anew towards Riva del Garda to return to the hotel.

The entire itinerary can be covered in approximately five hours.